Savoring the Simple Things

With every passing year, I grow increasingly thankful for the simplest of things. For blue-gray sky sinking low with snow, for burnished ochre grasses lifting proud rounded heads, for stately tree silhouettes, empty of leaves, but cradling dreams lying latent through cold. For growing children scampering after dogs of gold, brindle, and black with shy…Read more Savoring the Simple Things

What Christmas Means to Me

Christmas, only a few days away, beckons me to pause, just for a moment. I sift below the glitter and finery. I dig down deep to a mystery - messy and gritty. I remember what happened last year. And then my heart soars with joy. This, this is what Christmas means. For those of you who read this…Read more What Christmas Means to Me

Joy in Giving Good Things Away

  Photos, above, are from a very fun photo shoot with Kyra and her "pack" whom I met though Colorado Greyhound Adoption. ............................................................ Felix stepped into his fairy-tale beginning last week. His new family is everything we prayed for and more. He was with us longer than we expected, longer than normal for a foster…Read more Joy in Giving Good Things Away

Embracing the Flow of Summer

Summer, a time for being. A time to let the mind drift with a hot air balloon from upper cloud strata to wispy meadow, to sink into the hazy heat of an afternoon baseball game, to traipse through the laughter of children licking icecream, to watch and wait and listen. Doing, producing, achieving - companions…Read more Embracing the Flow of Summer

Summer Has Come

Time and space for painting and writing is scarce this summer. Without accessing those deep creative parts of my being, at times I feel dry and out-of-touch with myself and with God. But I am simultaneously aware that my heart is storing away moments like treasures from a far-away land. Moments in time that, when there…Read more Summer Has Come

Full Circle Hope – A Story about Sanctuary of Hope

I heard about her several years before I met her. In fact her story became the lynchpin upon which Sanctuary of Hope #1 (SoH) swung into existence. Near the end of my sojourn in Kenya in 2005 while adopting our daughter, Mama Karau told me about a very ill member of Mathare Worship Centre (MWC),…Read more Full Circle Hope – A Story about Sanctuary of Hope