Refuge; 19.75" x 11.5"; watercolor, ink, acrylic, water-soluble pastel. Another morning. Another heartbreaking headline. Mass shootings, earthquakes, climate change, disease. I wonder, Where can I go to escape this darkness? Even in the highest mountain refuge, the darkness is still there. In me. I think of Jesus’ words in Luke 21:25-28 “There will be signs…Read more Refuge

Just Because You Can’t See It…

Just Because You Can't See It, Doesn't Mean It's Not There; 2021; 12" x 20"; mixed media: watercolor, acrylic, water-soluble pastel, sidewalk chalk. Rising in a mighty crescendo of 14,000 feet above sea level, It was completely shrouded in blustery gray for days on end. "I promise, our own little fourteener is right there!" I…Read more Just Because You Can’t See It…

ShoutOut Colorado Interview

Please visit the wonderful online publication, ShoutOut Colorado, featuring the people of my home state, Colorado! This interview was originally published in ShoutOut Colorado, December 22, 2020. Hi Colleen, how does your business help the community?We are not alone. I keep stumbling on this theme wherever I go in the world (and strangely, especially among…Read more ShoutOut Colorado Interview

Sheer Gift – the Power of Art

The expectation of spending time with a dear friend and a mission of creativity already promised a portal to magic. Then we stepped inside Jives Coffee Shop in Old Colorado City to the strains of a violin and the glow of warm, golden wood. And I was transported into sheer gift. Nine am on a…Read more Sheer Gift – the Power of Art

Great Sand Dunes, Colorado

Suddenly sprawling at the foot of the Colorado mountains, the Great Sand Dunes are a gateway to a world simplified into sun, sand, and sky. Into texture, lines, and contrast. A portal into a magical, eerie other-world. A space where the barrenness only accentuates my love for those with whom I wander, swelling higher than…Read more Great Sand Dunes, Colorado