Refuge; 19.75" x 11.5"; watercolor, ink, acrylic, water-soluble pastel. Another morning. Another heartbreaking headline. Mass shootings, earthquakes, climate change, disease. I wonder, Where can I go to escape this darkness? Even in the highest mountain refuge, the darkness is still there. In me. I think of Jesus’ words in Luke 21:25-28 “There will be signs…Read more Refuge

Hope When the World is Deconstructing

Immortal Seeds, Fall; 2022; 19" x 23"; watercolor, ink, acrylic, graphite, chalk. In Autumn, the world deconstructs. Leaves whirl, trees bend, flowers wilt. Do I believe God sometimes rescues us, that God is able to change circumstances with a mere thought? Yes! Absolutely! And sometimes He does. But sometimes fall yields to winter, and nights…Read more Hope When the World is Deconstructing