New Pamba Toto Blog!

I am very excited to announce a new blog I am writing and to invite you to join me there as well: Welcome to Pamba Toto! Although some of the posts there might be adapted for this blog, the new Pamba Toto blog will include only Pamba Toto-related stories (including our artisans, products and the Sanctuary of Hope…Read more New Pamba Toto Blog!

Language of the Soul – Chihera’s Music

As a visual artist, I don't know a lot about the technicalities of music; but I do recognize the language of emotion and soul. And, if joy can shape-shift into musical notes, the nimble fingers of Chihera band members know how to conjure it. I first discovered Chihera on a golden late summer evening last…Read more Language of the Soul – Chihera’s Music

What Christmas Means to Me

Christmas, only a few days away, beckons me to pause, just for a moment. I sift below the glitter and finery. I dig down deep to a mystery - messy and gritty. I remember what happened last year. And then my heart soars with joy. This, this is what Christmas means. For those of you who read this…Read more What Christmas Means to Me