Another Day in Kenya – Chapter 5

Another Day in Kenya - Chapter 5 Bumpy At Best Bonding with Jedd continued at a heads-over-heels pace. For the first week, if anyone else except his grandma indicated they wished to hold him, he turned his face and cuddled into my chest. For naps or bedtime, he fell asleep in my arms; and only…Read more Another Day in Kenya – Chapter 5

neighbors 2

Finding My Voice… So Theirs Can Be Heard

All over the world, there are people who have no voice. Children drowning in poverty, women stripped of dignity, men pushed down  where there are no safety nets. In dark corners of the world, they subsist day-to-day. Perhaps one of the greatest symptoms of the voiceless is that they lose the capacity to dream. I…Read more Finding My Voice… So Theirs Can Be Heard

Offering; 2016; 16" x 20.5"; watercolor, acrylic, ink.

Joy Hunt

Sr. Fidence was like a beautiful rose in my hand, but her fragrance drifted just beyond my grasp as she stood there barefoot, her white-draped physical being unable to contain an other-worldly joy. I didn't understand her at all. I wanted to, desperately. How, in the midst of despair and hardship, hunger and lack, did…Read more Joy Hunt


Can’t Believe I Get to Do This!

The first time I witnessed a batik wax stamp process in Kenya in 2010, it catapulted me back in time and across the world: away from the warmth of equatorial sun into a university printmaking studio artificially warmed against winter cold; far from the fragrance of lush green growing landscape into the heady odor of…Read more Can’t Believe I Get to Do This!