The Deaf Dog Who Heard What Matters

Strange that I would start painting again, after falling off into deep discouragement earlier this year, with Henry as my subject. But Henry was truly special. He was completely deaf.  In a household clattering with four active kids, that was a blessing for him. And in a family with special needs kids, his disability endeared…Read more The Deaf Dog Who Heard What Matters

Love – The Search Is On

I once lived, moved and breathed right smack in the heart of the biblical parable of the lost sheep, albeit contextualized for Colorado Springs, Colorado. Now, in these parts, at least in the city, we don’t herd many sheep; but we do have cliffs, frigid winter nights, and hungry predators. And we adore our animals, especially…Read more Love – The Search Is On

What I Learned From My Dogs About Attachment

Recently someone asked me to think about and describe my favorite place to be, a space where I am irresistibly happy. Without hesitation, I replied, “Bear Creek Dog Park.” No doubt, it is a beautiful park. Huddled in the foothills with stunning mountain vistas and traced by a gurgling creek, with sunflower-studded hills by summer…Read more What I Learned From My Dogs About Attachment