This cracking, bleeding orb hurtles through space, and I am only a tiny, imperceptible pinprick of yearning somewhere on its spinning surface. I've never craved peace so urgently. My own pulse of longing seems to merge with a collective sigh of all colors and creeds, like black exhaust fumes spurting from an ancient, lumbering, rusty vehicle. From…Read more Peace

Longing for Home

Blue shadows fall on barren fields where once we roamed heart-to-heart. Now clouds hinge on sinister skies. Grass, tattered earth, flaps like threadbare laundry. Cold and exposed, I drift alone. A weathered fence guides me, hand-over-hand. Nothing tied down, everything shifts in ochre waves. How can I feel trapped in a place so vast? Bare…Read more Longing for Home

Painting A Prayer for Haiti (& a poem)

How my heart cringes on this mountain carcass – mounded bones stripped bare. Flayed flanks decay into ceaseless city striving. Betrayed and battered, you sprawl exposed, miserable, dull with hunger. But I sense something here, yearning at the fringes. Something broods at the frayed edges of this wasteland. Something determined, stubborn, more powerful and pervasive…Read more Painting A Prayer for Haiti (& a poem)