Summer Day

Summer Day; 2014; 18" x 15"; watercolor.

Summer Day; 2014; 18″ x 15″; watercolor.

As summer exhales its last breaths, I give thanks for its many gifts. Soon spontaneity will yield to regimen, a house cascading with myriad voices of four children and friends will settle into silent swaths of hours. The solitude I crave beckons. Like the wistful weary feeling at the end of a hot afternoon spent playing with loved ones, I welcome the cool of evening even as I savor these last rays of sinking sun dancing on my skin.


Somehow I scavenged a few early morning hours to complete the painting above. You can read more about its progression in my previous blog entry, Embracing the Flow of Summer.

8 thoughts on “Summer Day

  1. Love this — with my son’s band camp in full swing (and the sound of it carrying all the way to my backyard) and my daughter’s upcoming departure for college (and all the craziness that goes with our cross-country adventure), this post resonates deep within. Thank you.
    Blessings friend, Jody
    p.s. pretty much sharing everywhere – twitter, FB, blog…


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