Unless A Grain of Wheat Falls….

All around me the earth flutters. Dreaming of the future, it sends messages like little notes for tomorrow, twirling in gray dawn sky, like rain. The tree is determined to hope. How does the tree know it is time? How am I here at just this moment to witness its innermost thoughts? No one tells the tree,…Read more Unless A Grain of Wheat Falls….

Tend Your Soul

Recently I painted a friend's "safe place." Turbulent waters threaten her survival; and in her mind, she swims to a quiet, peaceful space to weep, dream, hope, and gain new strength before plunging back into the storm. Places possess power. Yesterday I wandered one of my own safe places, a prayer labyrinth buried deep in the…Read more Tend Your Soul

Rooted in Light

The road from courage and hope, to utter despair, and then finally to exhilaration stretched through wild lands in 2005. With the daughter we longed to adopt buried in a third-world orphanage and silence from the Kenyan lawyer who should be inviting us to come and claim her, I could no longer bear the separation.…Read more Rooted in Light

Limited edition fine art prints (new prices and sizes)

I make art to express my heart and to touch other people’s hearts. I long to capture those “fragments of light” I see lying all around me in the everyday world; and if I can help you see them, too, I fall asleep happy at the end of a day. Art speaks to my soul, and…Read more Limited edition fine art prints (new prices and sizes)

Canopy of Hope

Day by day Haiti seeps into the sea. Deprived of any other reliable energy source, her citizens harvest what they can find. Food today or soil tomorrow? When a belly roils with hunger pangs, the tree is felled. Peasants charcoal the wood in shallow covered pits, then bag and sell it. Experts say Haiti is…Read more Canopy of Hope