Painting My Gratitude

Gratitude; 2013; 15" x 11"; mixed media: watercolor, acrylic, pastel.

Gratitude; 2013; 15″ x 11″; mixed media: watercolor, acrylic, pastel.

Early in the morning, before the sun, I rise in a shadowed sleepy house. Shaking dreams from the edges of my mind, I cradle the Book. Eager, expectant, this my most treasured hour. I listen to steady slow breathing, rising from rooms all around. Overcome, my heart swells and overflows. It seeps and fills every nook and cranny, wraps around those still sleeping in layers they cannot see. Even those I miss so tenderly, tears falling into the tide, only evidence of love given and received. Loving still, and forever. My heart cannot contain this joy. Through all the pain and sorrow we walk together. Onward, hand-in-hand towards the One I meet early, before any other – Source of these rivers of gratitude flowing on.

Christmas walk

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