Join the search…

Does your story blaze with celebration? Or are you sifting through ashes for flashes of value? Either way…

Look deeper.

Go beyond what you can see. One thing I’m convinced of…

We are not alone.

I keep stumbling on this theme wherever I go in the world (and strangely, especially among the most downtrodden) – God’s relentless pursuit of each one of us.

Come along…

…as I paint and write about these “fragments of light,” these glimpses of glory leaking through the cracks.

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And tell me about your discoveries, too…

Some of my story:

  • When I was a teenager, my parents transplanted my native Coloradoan family to the Australian outback. Aboriginal classmates and camping under the Southern Cross ignited my passion for the world. When my dad would question me if I really had to travel to the ends of the earth, I ‘d tell him I adored him and I was sorry to make him sad, but it was his fault.
  • Through further travels as an InterVarsity Christian Fellowship campus staff worker (1998-2004) and Hope’s Promise Director of Orphan Care (2006-2012 and 2019-current), I’ve witnessed firsthand the depths of human suffering in places like an internal refugee camp in Kenya and the heights of courage, like that of a Christian pastor in an oppressed mountain village of Communist Vietnam.
  • My husband of 27 years, David, and I adopted two of our four children from a Kenyan orphanage and we’ve never forgotten the kids we left behind.
  • After an unexpected 7.5 month sojourn in Nairobi in 2005 during which I extracted our daughter through three court cases and changing interpretations of adoption laws, our family welcomed the opportunity to partner with dear Kenyan friends, Pastor and Mama Karau, to pioneer two orphan homes in Kenya through Hope’s Promise.

Despite great heartache in the world, I cling to God’s relentless presence with me, with you, with each one of us. All around us, glimpses of glory leak through the cracks of tragedy and triumph…

I’m honored to be represented by Cynthia Ruchti of Books and Such Literary Agency.

PS I usually post 3-4 times/month with original writing, photography, and art on topics including spiritual journey, international travel, family and adoption, and artistic process.

Thank you so much to those who choose to read and view this blog!

My beloved family – home base and launching pad for all my adventures.

28 thoughts on “Join the search…

    • Wow, I feel totally honored that you would even think of me with that title, much less mention me in a post. Thank you and please feel free! I am really enjoying reading your posts and learning more about your beautiful heart.


  1. Hi Colleen, I don’t know if you participate in awards or not but I have nominated you for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award! It’s just a way of showing my appreciation.Participation is optional, and if you want further information visit me!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Jody! I’m honored by this encouraging nomination! Forgive my delay in responding – sick computer for a few weeks that is finally in the shop. I will check this out in more detail when I’m up and going again. You are a constant song of encouragement in my life!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Dear Colleen,

    Hello! It seems that no one has been here to submit a comment for more than six years. Here I am introducing myself to you.

    I have subscribed to your blog, perused many of your posts and enjoyed discovering your “fragments of light” as well as your artistic oeuvres, which I look forward to seeing more.

    Happy late autumn and Happy early November to you and your family!

    Yours sincerely,


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