Always (Love Never Ends)

  It's been about five years since my Dad left this earth. His departure shocked me and shook me to the core of my being. Of kindred spirits, he was one of the closest. The current of mutual adoration running between us was so abruptly cut off, I was left disoriented and blind, suddenly lost…Read more Always (Love Never Ends)

Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

If dogs wore clothing, Rico would have been a tuxedo-clad gentleman. I'm sure he would have played the saxophone in a jazz band. Rico, a brindle greyhound, came into our lives most unexpectedly. A co-worker rescued him after he retired from racing, but shared her concerns about keeping him in her apartment. My husband and…Read more Do Dogs Go to Heaven?

The Sky Begins to Dance

mountains ramble into mesas, stepping down to plains, kinked succulents, anchored, release the blinding light of day, reach for pooling pink and orange settle into quiet sleepy soil while the sky begins to dance here, our silvery trail of tears, lament for heavy feet, mooring us to earth there, their finished race - flames the…Read more The Sky Begins to Dance

Footprints of the Unseen

When fire flings its last defiant spark and torrents of leaves crackle with laughter, I wonder if you are dancing on this flaming air? Here, on this hillside of memories, where dreams are laid to rest like carpets of gleaming leaves draped over stones. I am untethered, adrift, lured to the last place you touched. You were…Read more Footprints of the Unseen