Just to Touch the Hem

Nairobi, June 2005 She refused to eat. Her forehead felt warm. She cried incessantly. Nothing alleviated her discomfort. As a sojourning foreigner, I lacked even the name of a pediatrician in Kenya, much less contact information. Even if I knew who to call, I couldn’t easily access transport. My one solace – I knew that…Read more Just to Touch the Hem

Beautiful Wound

He studied my face, streaked with happy tears. His little eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Then he leaned on my shoulder and melted into my embrace. For days after, if he was awake, he was in my arms. Only his new grandma would suffice in my place for brief periods of time. Bonding between me and…Read more Beautiful Wound

Summer Has Come

Time and space for painting and writing is scarce this summer. Without accessing those deep creative parts of my being, at times I feel dry and out-of-touch with myself and with God. But I am simultaneously aware that my heart is storing away moments like treasures from a far-away land. Moments in time that, when there…Read more Summer Has Come

This One is Mine – Thoughts on an Adopted Child’s Birthday

A birthday: eagerly anticipated celebration… for you, shadowed with anguish. The moment God gave you to the world… the moment the most important person in your life turned her back on every natural instinct and walked away. You are moody and irritable in early March, even as you eagerly count down the days. Normal ups…Read more This One is Mine – Thoughts on an Adopted Child’s Birthday

Scars That Tell of the Good Life

With the kind of radiance that hints at secret knowledge of something very deep and very good, Noyo eagerly describes the privilege he feels in serving his native country, Haiti, as a Young Life staff-worker. “Just because something is easy,” he explains, “doesn’t mean it is the best. If you do something easy, it doesn’t…Read more Scars That Tell of the Good Life

The Mystery of Christmas

She stands alone on a dark sidewalk, snow falling. She stares, captivated by a scene framed in the window. A family gathers. She can see the love that binds them, as real and palpable as the wind that cuts through her old and torn clothing. She wonders if she will ever be home. She lingers…Read more The Mystery of Christmas