Of Birds and Parenting

Scampering around in the grass barefoot, my son suddenly squealed and leapt for the concrete patio.  I went to inspect the source of his alarm:  a quivering huddle of feathers. He assumed it was dead like another hapless victim, a naked nestling, we found earlier that evening on a nearby rock. But as I knelt…Read more Of Birds and Parenting

Painting a Place Beyond

I discovered this week that writing about the American/Vietnam War stirred up a torrent of scary emotions. I often “think” in feelings, not words or even images, but currents of emotional energy. After I wrote certain phrases, they tossed around in my head like a bare branch in the wind. Then, as I reflected further,…Read more Painting a Place Beyond

A Scary Day in Kenya

Nairobi, 2005 I was terrified. As a mother of four children, ages 2-8, I was certainly no stranger to the pit-in-my-stomach feeling of holding a sick child. In fact, just a few months earlier in this unexpectedly long sojourn, I placed a frightened call to a driver. In my lap I cradled my five-year-old son,…Read more A Scary Day in Kenya

A Scary Night in Kenya

Drilling rain rattles the metal roof overhead. Flashes of light cast shadows over still forms of sleeping children. My two four-year-old boys stretch out in a bunk bed. The child I am in process to adopt, almost-two-year-old Lily, sprawls in a port-a-crib. Somehow, in the peace that only children know, they sleep through the tumult.…Read more A Scary Night in Kenya