2013 (c) Colleen Briggs

2013 (c) Colleen Briggs

2013 (c) Colleen Briggs

2013 (c) Colleen Briggs

I am battered,
a bereft leaf loosed
in murky mayhem,
kicked up by frenzied heels
Of moon and wind.

No mooring remains in this,
last corkscrew hour before dawn.
I am a burnished shadow,
a swirling swan song to
inky nihility.



Madness slivered,
snagged in the hem of
earth’s evergreen garment,
quivering on the abyss
of ancient waiting,
hoisted on the labyrinth
of solemn knowing.

Wind and moon scamper like chastened children.

I linger,
Lazarus leaf lifted high
on earth’s shoulders,
like an offering,
a vigil for light.

I become a trembling snatch of fire,
A crimson-tinged flame,
thrust aloft at break of day.


Note: I hope that you will forgive me for re-publishing this poem if you have already read it. I posted it early in my days of blogging without an image. I was reminded of this poem recently when reading a beautiful post written by a friend (What the Aspens Whispered by Joanna Echols), and the image presented itself to me as pure gift early one morning.

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