Vietnam, fires, and Christmas…

Vietnam, fires, and Christmas.... my excuses for disappearing from the blogging world since late October! (Lots more dramatic than saying my dog ate my rough drafts... although that could happen.) Vietnam: Still can't believe I got to do this - absolutely amazing trip to Vietnam with a Hope's Promise Connection Team in early November. We witnessed the…Read more Vietnam, fires, and Christmas…

The Deaf Dog Who Heard What Matters

Strange that I would start painting again, after falling off into deep discouragement earlier this year, with Henry as my subject. But Henry was truly special. He was completely deaf.  In a household clattering with four active kids, that was a blessing for him. And in a family with special needs kids, his disability endeared…Read more The Deaf Dog Who Heard What Matters

Space and Creativity

Together we romp through a stream, climb sunflower hills, and criss-cross wildflower fields. The beauty of the place feeds my soul, even as my "creatures'" happiness and freedom lifts my spirits. Here, ideas incubate far below conscious thought. There must be space for creativity to flourish. Here, these accomplishing-nothing-hours are worth more than a million of production.…Read more Space and Creativity

Savoring the Simple Things

With every passing year, I grow increasingly thankful for the simplest of things. For blue-gray sky sinking low with snow, for burnished ochre grasses lifting proud rounded heads, for stately tree silhouettes, empty of leaves, but cradling dreams lying latent through cold. For growing children scampering after dogs of gold, brindle, and black with shy…Read more Savoring the Simple Things