Henry the Deaf Dog Who Heard Everything That Matters lo res

Henry The Deaf Dog: Who Heard Everything That Matters; 2018; 13″ x 16″; mixed media: watercolor, ink, acrylic.

Strange that I would start painting again, after falling off into deep discouragement earlier this year, with Henry as my subject. But Henry was truly special. He was completely deaf.  In a household clattering with four active kids, that was a blessing for him. And in a family with special needs kids, his disability endeared him to journeys that needed empathy. Again and again, little voices whispered into those ears. Henry heard no sound, but recognized every emotion.

It’s happened before, this deaf dog who understood the heart, tugging me out of artistic discouragement: Henry the Star.

So, perhaps Henry is my artistic muse – to me he represents unbounded love, unyielding devotion, a heart that hears what matters. A channel of God’s love. As I hope my artwork will…


6 thoughts on “The Deaf Dog Who Heard What Matters

    • Alethea, your suggestion means a lot to me! That you would think of it. I hadn’t thought of this idea. But now that you suggest it, it occurs to me that Henry would be an amazing character for kids… I’m still plugging away on my first fiction novel, and close to finishing the latest re-write. It’s scheduled with an editor for Nov. Perhaps if this journey yields any fruit, I could move on to your idea. Many thanks!

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