Savoring the Simple Things

Dec walk

3 hounds 5With every passing year, I grow increasingly thankful for the simplest of things. For blue-gray sky sinking low with snow, for burnished ochre grasses lifting proud rounded heads, for stately tree silhouettes, empty of leaves, but cradling dreams lying latent through cold. For growing children scampering after dogs of gold, brindle, and black with shy eyes, sweet eyes, blazing eyes. For laughter floating on the wind to me, frozen in the path for just a moment. Overcome with wonder. The explosion of joy in my heart seemingly disproportionate to the simplicity of a winter walk. And yet, present are all the elements of eternity – relationships, love, admiration for the Creator of it all.

As night steals over the last day of 2014, I am profoundly grateful.  May wonder in the simplest joys of life be the light you and I savor as 2015 dawns.

3 hounds 6

10 thoughts on “Savoring the Simple Things

      • The vision of those dogs is amazing. I agree with Maggie on the color. Just yesterday I was reading a book by architect-artist Christopher Alexander called the Luminous Ground, and he was describing the way color in nature is filled with an inner light, is illuminated with the ground of being, and is a window to the holy substrata of Creation. I see it here clearly, in the collars and the sky, in the crisp black and the twinkling brown eyes, and the wheat colored background. Thanks for sharing such beauty! Happy New Year, Colleen!



  1. Colleen – grumbling about how incredibly complicated my mother’s prescription renewal process is —“These forms are redundant!” “Member number?? I don’t know her member number?!?!” “What in the world happened to the old days when you could just go to something called a Pharmacy, where actual people could help you?!?!” — you remind me to take a deep breath and relax. Then, savor—my little pup wandering around with his bone looking for a place at my feet, now my lap; the sound of my daughter and her BFF talking about all things important to young college girls; the smell of the honey glazed ham in the oven.
    Thank you Colleen. You are a BEaUtfiul treasure in this world!
    Happy New Year!
    Blessings, Jody


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