Henry the star lo res

Henry the Star; 2016; 13.5″ x 18″; mixed media: watercolor, ink, acrylic.

As I begin painting in earnest again, I find myself drawn to a place of simplicity and happiness. I drag out from the shadows a painting I began last spring. At first I think it’s a “light” theme, a “warm-up,” with deeper visual ponderings to come.

And then I realize, the most treasured offerings in life are love and attachment.

I adore my current animal friends, but Henry was a special emissary at just the right time. He was an ambassador of love to four little kids at the time they needed it most, and especially to two who struggle with disabilities. I doubt any creature has ever heard the heart better than Henry, with his two deaf ears.

Perhaps that is one of the greatest gifts of art, to remind us that often the easiest things to take for granted, the common gifts of everyday life, are the most profoundly beautiful.

Two of my current muses (& some of my favorite simple moments of the summer): Siku and Cody





8 thoughts on “Henry the Star

  1. What a theme to paint… ” a place of simplicity and happiness” truly, Colleen. Adorable Henry still watching over you through your paintings too! Your portraits of him are simply perfect capturing Henry’s essence and beauty. 🙂 xx

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