Artist Process – All That’s Lost

I've been pondering an idea lately that what is “lost” does not actually cease to exist, but simply morphs into another form of equal (or perhaps greater) value. Of course this idea is not original, but is a basic principle of physics. Definition of conservation of energy (Merriam Webster) “a principle in physics: the total energy…Read more Artist Process – All That’s Lost

Guest artist: Colleen Briggs – Sacred Centre Holds

I felt very honored to be asked by Sue Vincent, a fellow blogger in Yorkshire, to create a guest post. Sue Vincent is a prolific creator – a writer of gorgeous prose and a painter of transporting images. Like me, she is is an “explorer of the inner journey of the soul.” You can find her work at:

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Colleen Briggs very kindly agreed to be a guest here today. She is a superb artist and I love her work… but there is more to her gifts than those that fill a canvas with colour. Please visit her blog to read more about this remarkable woman and the stories she tells… You might like to start here.

There was a time when a single dandelion spoke courage and life to me. It was a time of letting go, a season of grief. The death of a close family member and concurrent loss of certain dreams cast a melancholy shadow over my heart. I leaned back in my yard swing and noticed a dandelion. Just at that very moment, a tiny parachute dislodged from the head. It barely hung by a filament, ready at any second to launch into the sky. I wondered at my presence at just that…

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Another Day in Kenya – Chapter 7

Dear readers, several week ago I began writing an account of my days in Kenya, of how Kenya has changed me forever. I am considering this manuscript a first draft as I both consolidate some previously written and some new passages into a cohesive story, and it continues today... To start at the beginning, click this…Read more Another Day in Kenya – Chapter 7

Another Day in Kenya – Chapter 6

Another Day in Kenya - Chapter 6 Fire in My Bones In the throes of culture shock, I started saying, admittedly with a certain amount of sarcasm: “Expect the unexpected.” But on the day I missed the bus, something inside me snapped. I realized with absolute certainty that I was not in control; and therein…Read more Another Day in Kenya – Chapter 6

Another Day in Kenya – Chapter 2

Another Day in Kenya - Chapter 2 When Are You Coming to Kenya? Usually when parents decide to adopt, they locate an adoption agency in their home country and then a social worker helps them narrow down age, gender, and nationality of the child they hope to adopt. We did it all backwards. We found our son,…Read more Another Day in Kenya – Chapter 2

A Painting Path (A Creative Process)

When painting, I struggle for equilibrium between spontaneity and purpose, freedom and planning, energy and control. After four years of painting full-time, of steadfast exploration, perhaps I am finally finding a rhythm. My most recent work, The Other Side, emerges from this path of painting. Sometimes someone will ask me how long it takes to…Read more A Painting Path (A Creative Process)


I need to go. There is something the place will tell me, something my soul desperately needs to hear. There, windmills turn mindlessly. Like sentinels, they watch over masses paying homage at their base:  fields rippling, yielding to frigid wind. The stalks blur into an aggregate of stark, browned-out hills. The windmills guard comings and goings, my…Read more Equilibrium