As an artist, I am passionate about other creative people, especially those buried in situations where they struggle to have a voice. My involvement with Pamba Toto beats at the core of my heart… For these women buried in Nairobi slums to realize how incredibly talented they are and how much their voice matters, as well as being empowered to provide for the children they love. I count it one of my life’s greatest privileges to stand with these beautiful artisans.

From Their Hands to Yours…
A Pamba Toto photo essay

1 Kibera slum in Nairobi Children in Kibera slum

2 Korogocho slum City dump, managed by “slum lords,” next to and scoured by Korogocho slum residents for a livelihood

3 Mathare Valley slum Child in Mathare Valley slum

5 Korogocho artisan with children An artisan in the Korogocho group, Kumbatia, with her children  

Colleen 01 Tuungane Pamoja work-space and shop in Kibera slum

Colleen 02 Mwangazi artisan group workshop in Huruma slum

Colleen 05 Tuungane Pamoja artisan group at work in Kibera

Colleen 04 Kumbatia artisans at work in Korogocho

Colleen 03 Finished bags hanging in the Tuungane Pamoja workshop in Kibera

Colleen 06 Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) kids, rescued from Nairobi’s slums into a family through Hope’s Promise, making bracelets for Pamba Toto

Colleen 07 Bracelets made by the SoH kids, now available through Pamba Toto

Colleen 08 Kitenge patchwork apron made by Tuungane Pamoja, available through Pamba Toto

Colleen 09 Bag made by Tuungane Pamoja, available through Pamba Toto

Colleen 10 Kitenge patchwork bag made by Tuungane Pamoja, available through Pamba Toto

Our Mission

Transforming lives…

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