Guest artist: Colleen Briggs – Sacred Centre Holds

I felt very honored to be asked by Sue Vincent, a fellow blogger in Yorkshire, to create a guest post. Sue Vincent is a prolific creator – a writer of gorgeous prose and a painter of transporting images. Like me, she is is an “explorer of the inner journey of the soul.” You can find her work at:

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Colleen Briggs very kindly agreed to be a guest here today. She is a superb artist and I love her work… but there is more to her gifts than those that fill a canvas with colour. Please visit her blog to read more about this remarkable woman and the stories she tells… You might like to start here.

There was a time when a single dandelion spoke courage and life to me. It was a time of letting go, a season of grief. The death of a close family member and concurrent loss of certain dreams cast a melancholy shadow over my heart. I leaned back in my yard swing and noticed a dandelion. Just at that very moment, a tiny parachute dislodged from the head. It barely hung by a filament, ready at any second to launch into the sky. I wondered at my presence at just that…

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