Everleigh entered this world on August 14, 2016, welcomed by birth mother, Delaney; birth father, Kenny; and birth grandmother, Karen. On August 17, Everleigh went home in the arms of adoptive parents, Casey and Michael. Nine months later….

1 Everleigh with birth and adoptive parents

Everleigh with birth and adoptive parents

2 birth parents

Everleigh with birth parents

3 adoptive and birth parents (1)

Everleigh with adoptive and birth parents

6 Everleigh with adoptive mom, birth mom and birth grandmother

Everleigh with adoptive mom, birth mom, and birth grandmother

5 adoptive and birth parents (2)

6 Everleigh (1)

7 Everleigh (2)

8 adoptive parents

Everleigh with adoptive parents

9 Everleigh's family

Everleigh with her family


with special thanks to

Hope’s Promise (Adoption Agency)

of Castle Rock, CO.

(303) 660-0277.

2 thoughts on “Open Adoption – a Photo Essay

  1. I really just don’t get it? I am an adopted and why must a childs life be so complicated. I mean, look at all of you? And the Mom looks like a fine person. What and why all this? Does the Mama really think that this child will be ok with being refitted? What I wonder is what will this child think of your plan?? Will this child be happy you rearrange her life like this? Sure, she may go along, because thats all she can do now. I did not. But, Adoption is Such a complicated word, for young kids to try to understand. I hope her brain can handle all the info and the things kids say behind your back. You can’t be everywhere you know. A lot was said to me, that my Mama’s don’t even know about. I carried that alone, because of adoption. But, Only time will tell?


    • I am so very sorry for your pain. Yes adoption is very complicated. At the root is terrible loss – losing your mother when you are vulnerable and defenseless is surely one of life’s deepest wounds. I just wanted to let you know that I hear and value your voice but after a lot of thought I don’t feel like I can publish this particular comment because the families entrusted their photos to me and might feel blind sided. I don’t know them personally, I was only the photographer. If it was a comment directed to me, I would absolutely publish and respond. I wouldn’t even feel defensive as an adoptive mom because I validate your pain. I hope you can understand this choice. If you want to comment on any of my blog entries where I’ve written about my own adoptions, I will be glad to publish and respond. I pray for healing and hope for you.

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