When the Darkness Comes to Your Town

Last week on Wednesday, my two high school kids and my middle-schooler were on lock-down due to a teenager who shot another youth between the two buildings. Then, my middle-schooler was again on lock-down two days later as a precautionary measure due to rumors that a classmate was planning a shooting at her school. These…Read more When the Darkness Comes to Your Town

Hope In Fearful Times

Flags fly at half-mast in my lifelong hometown, Colorado Springs after two mass shootings in a month. I drive almost every day through the intersection where my family almost stumbled into a late October shooting; and yesterday I forced myself to return to a shopping area we usually frequent, ravaged less than a week ago by another shooting. And…Read more Hope In Fearful Times

Choose Your Side

Like a strange rush of cold air in the night that leaves your skin prickling, evil's shadow falls across the intersection where we stop at a red traffic signal. Except this is broad daylight, a brilliant golden fall morning, October 31. Just across the street, police cars swarm, lights flashing. Like angry ants, more and…Read more Choose Your Side