Holy Ground

Holy Ground; 2014: 22" x 30"; mixed media: watercolor, pastel.

Holy Ground; 2014: 22″ x 30″; mixed media: watercolor, pastel.

Bushes still burn today
without being consumed.

I feel the flames
in dark corners of the world
where people suffer –
the Spirit of God brooding,
fierce with unquenchable yearning
to gather His little ones into His arms.

I can only fall to my knees
in humble adoration,
let the fire overtake my being.

And on this holy ground,
I am transformed.

16 thoughts on “Holy Ground

  1. You’ve put me in a real bind with this one, because the words and the image are competing for my attention. 🙂 I love how the orange hues of the painting wrap around the woman, holding her in their embrace, and how the bush is not wholly on fire– but two things at once, simultaneously a bush and something illumined. Makes me think of Christ being both fully human and fully divine. In a way each aspect of the bush adds something to the other. It is a lovely image, along with the words of transformation underneath.



  2. Hey Colleen,
    I love this painting and the Poem! I used it last night at our Lenten Soup & Study. We’ve been going through the life of Moses this Lent. I thought it was a great opportunity to plug your work while pointing to the transformation of the ground into Holy space because of the Presence of the Lord, also making our hearts transformed and, maybe holier… Thanks. Is it possible to buy a print of this?


    • I felt so honored by this comment, Kevin, that it inspired tears of joy and gratitude! Thank you, my friend. If my work can help people encounter the Living God, that is my greatest joy. I don’t currently have a print run of this piece, but I will look into it and contact you at your email address. Blessings to you!


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