Last Catch (& Baseball’s Last Gift)

Just when we thought baseball bid its last good-bye to our player-son, it beckoned him back with a nomination for the Colorado Springs All-Star game. A couple weeks prior, we absorbed every minute of what we thought was his last game – savored his last hit, memorized the smack of the ball in his catcher’s glove,…Read more Last Catch (& Baseball’s Last Gift)

Reflections on my son’s last baseball game

When my first-born, ball-obsessed son, Jacob, was a sweet-faced seven-year old, we signed him up for the local Little League team. Practices were held at a neighborhood park, and my husband and I enjoyed hanging out on the side-lines with our three younger children and other families. We couldn’t have guessed at the time it was…Read more Reflections on my son’s last baseball game

For Love of the Game

When the clatter of life presses in, I step through that stadium opening and every worry fades in a sun-wash across my eyes. Like laundry bleached white, the day flaps in the breeze, bright and full of possibility. Rows of metal bleachers guard the perimeter, keeping watch with the outfield fence proclaiming, “Welcome to the friendly confines of…Read more For Love of the Game

Shimmering Moments (Baseball Magic)

  He was a fearsome dynamo when he took the mound. The winning pitcher for the Colorado Springs City All Star Team in 1964, he was offered a scholarship by Arizona State University for his hurtling prowess. In the end, he turned it down to marry the love of his life. I remember warm spring days…Read more Shimmering Moments (Baseball Magic)