Wherever I am on this Planet

Through all the glitter, tedium, and crush of this life... I’ve seen it in rural Vietnam in the shining eyes of parents who care for eight orphaned boys… ...in the joyful upturned faces of the persecuted church of Nepal, who gather without fear… ...in those who awoke in the desperate poverty of Mathare Valley, the second largest…Read more Wherever I am on this Planet

Grappling with the American/Vietnam War, Part 2 (of 2)

continued from my previous post… The Vietnam/American War resulted in a sharp increase in orphaned and abandoned children. Between 1966 and 1974, the number of children cared for by orphanages more than doubled (The War Cradle). Thousands of abandoned children, especially Amerasian children, were evacuated because of the fear that they would be killed by…Read more Grappling with the American/Vietnam War, Part 2 (of 2)

Grappling with the American/Vietnam War Part 1 (of 2)

When I mention that I have traveled to Vietnam, I am acutely aware of still-festering wounds endured by many. Although the “Vietnam War,” as we call it in America, ended before I was old enough to comprehend the intricacies of international politics, I grew up aware of the conflicting rhetoric and high emotion that surrounded…Read more Grappling with the American/Vietnam War Part 1 (of 2)

Learning from a talented photographer

One of my great joys in joining the blogging community is connecting with talented artists all over the world. I enjoy following the blog of Otto von Munchow, a photographer and workshop teacher based out of Norway and Seattle. I learn a great deal from him, especially from his very generous offer to critique photos…Read more Learning from a talented photographer

A Secret Garden That Changed My Life (In Vietnam)

We explore a silky summer evening, airbrushed with cool mountain air and golden sinking light. Newly arrived in Steamboat Springs, we wander west. The river is gift enough, flowing like laughter between us. One of those rare series of moments when you feel so alive, so present to where you are, so thankful to love…Read more A Secret Garden That Changed My Life (In Vietnam)

Camera joyfully in-hand

When I traveled to Vietnam in 2009, the country's beauty simply stunned me. I shot multiple rolls of film with my trusty old SLR only to discover when I developed them that I'd had a setting off and my images were ruined. I played around with Photoshop and managed to salvage one of my favorite photos of a bike, at least in…Read more Camera joyfully in-hand

Orphans in Vietnam – Sacrificial Love

She is old, weak with malaria, and terribly worried. Her hair disheveled, eyes glazed with fever, she exerts tremendous energy simply to remain erect. We urge her to lie down, but she refuses. She clings to an agenda that supersedes her own suffering. The light of her life, her grandson, Duoc, perches on the bed…Read more Orphans in Vietnam – Sacrificial Love