Camera joyfully in-hand

bike photo lo res

Bike in Vietnam

When I traveled to Vietnam in 2009, the country’s beauty simply stunned me. I shot multiple rolls of film with my trusty old SLR only to discover when I developed them that I’d had a setting off and my images were ruined. I played around with Photoshop and managed to salvage one of my favorite photos of a bike, at least in a form that I personally enjoy.

However, I began to long for a DSLR. The answer to that prayer came in 2011- a Nikon D40X, found with a friend’s help through Craigslist. It’s traveled Colorado and the world with me since then, and hardly a day goes by that it’s not joyfully in-hand.


Kids in rural Vietnam

Surely I’ve witnessed some of the world’s harshest suffering (Mathare Valley) but I’ve also been incredibly privileged to explore the world’s magic  (even in Mathare Valley). I’ve included some of my favorite shots in a new Photography Portfolio.

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