Wherever I am on this Planet

Give Me Jesus; 2014; 10.5" x 14.5"; mixed media: watercolor, pastel, acrylic.

Give Me Jesus; 2014; 10.5″ x 14.5″; mixed media: watercolor, pastel, acrylic.

Through all the glitter, tedium, and crush of this life…

I’ve seen it in rural Vietnam in the shining eyes of parents who care for eight orphaned boys…


Vietnam, (c) Colleen Briggs 2011

…in the joyful upturned faces of the persecuted church of Nepal, who gather without fear…


Nepal, (c) Colleen Briggs, 2012

…in those who awoke in the desperate poverty of Mathare Valley, the second largest slum of East Africa, yet dance with exhilarated abandon.

Kenya, (c) Colleen Briggs 2011

Kenya, (c) Colleen Briggs 2011

I witnessed it yet again in a man who should have been dead a year-and-a half ago after a random shooting in volatile Port au Prince, yet sings today to the One He calls Healer.


Haiti, (c) Colleen Briggs 2014

All around the world, unified testimony rises. Whatever language it occupies; white, brown or black hands lifted high – it is the same Light, the same Hope.

Wherever I am on this planet, I stake my claim with brothers and sisters of every tongue and tribe – just give me Jesus.

With special thanks to my brother-in-law, Doug, who challenged me to “paint a song”: Give Me Jesus by Jeremy Camp.

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