Wherever I am on this Planet

Through all the glitter, tedium, and crush of this life... I’ve seen it in rural Vietnam in the shining eyes of parents who care for eight orphaned boys… ...in the joyful upturned faces of the persecuted church of Nepal, who gather without fear… ...in those who awoke in the desperate poverty of Mathare Valley, the second largest…Read more Wherever I am on this Planet

Camera joyfully in-hand

When I traveled to Vietnam in 2009, the country's beauty simply stunned me. I shot multiple rolls of film with my trusty old SLR only to discover when I developed them that I'd had a setting off and my images were ruined. I played around with Photoshop and managed to salvage one of my favorite photos of a bike, at least in…Read more Camera joyfully in-hand

Orphans in Nepal

Nepal is world-renowned for towering majestic mountains, fertile terraced fields, and verdant valleys. Nepal is no less than the magical, enticing destination that Tourist Guidebooks claim. But Nepal also subsists amongst the ten poorest countries in the world. Until a decade ago, she was the world’s only Hindu Kingdom; now secularized, karma, fatalism, dharma, and the resulting caste system still…Read more Orphans in Nepal

Leaving a job I have loved… but not the passion (excerpt from a Nepal travel journal)

Ten years ago, nestled in the cozy living room of a newly-acquainted Kenyan pastor and his wife, Pastor and Mama Karau, eating chapatti and ugali, I never could have imagined that someday we would ride an elephant together in Nepal! From that first meeting, I was intrigued by these new friends. The devastation of human…Read more Leaving a job I have loved… but not the passion (excerpt from a Nepal travel journal)