Summer Has Come

Time and space for painting and writing is scarce this summer. Without accessing those deep creative parts of my being, at times I feel dry and out-of-touch with myself and with God. But I am simultaneously aware that my heart is storing away moments like treasures from a far-away land. Moments in time that, when there…Read more Summer Has Come

New Originals and Limited Editions available

I'd love for you to visit my Etsy store:! I've recently added new originals and fine art giclee limited edition prints. (Note added Feb. 18, 2014 - both originals are sold, but prints are still available!) Sacred Center Holds, 18” x 12” Artist’s statement: If I could, like a weed releasing its tender seeds, stop…Read more New Originals and Limited Editions available

Scars That Tell of the Good Life

With the kind of radiance that hints at secret knowledge of something very deep and very good, Noyo eagerly describes the privilege he feels in serving his native country, Haiti, as a Young Life staff-worker. “Just because something is easy,” he explains, “doesn’t mean it is the best. If you do something easy, it doesn’t…Read more Scars That Tell of the Good Life

A Rooftop Crack in Haiti

On Monday, dawn crept over me on a rooftop in Haiti. Just below, massive trucks lumbered over narrow rocky streets, lugging water to and from a water purification facility. Roosters crowed and dogs barked. People walked, sang, laughed, and chattered in every nook and cranny in the streets, balconies and rooftops all around. Palm fronds…Read more A Rooftop Crack in Haiti

Shimmering Moments (Baseball Magic)

  He was a fearsome dynamo when he took the mound. The winning pitcher for the Colorado Springs City All Star Team in 1964, he was offered a scholarship by Arizona State University for his hurtling prowess. In the end, he turned it down to marry the love of his life. I remember warm spring days…Read more Shimmering Moments (Baseball Magic)