All around me
the earth flutters.
of the future,
it sends messages
like little notes for tomorrow,
twirling in gray dawn sky,
like rain.

The tree is determined to hope.
How does the tree know it is time?

How am I here at just this moment
to witness its innermost thoughts?

No one tells the tree,
it must die to arise,
no one cuts loose its dreams.

All on its own,
it sends them whirling through the air,
in one last wild bid for life.

4 thoughts on “Unless A Grain of Wheat Falls….

  1. So true Otto. I was re-reading a book by Richard Rohr last night, and he talks about the idea that spiritual themes are encoded into the physical realm all around us. I realized how much I internalized that idea last time I read the book and expressed it in this poem! Also, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful Instagram photos. I found Pixlr-matic because of your posts, which I used to create this image.


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