Battered Little Tree

Battered Little Tree (study); 2015; 11" x 15"; watercolor & acrylic.

Battered Little Tree (study); 2015; 11″ x 15″; watercolor & acrylic.

when harsh winds blow
and I stand exposed
with no hope of my own,
battered and bruised:
wrestling an angry sky,
clinging to barren rock,
bound by sedimentary days

then – probe deep

let questions fuel
furious chiseling through,
let desperate seeking
leech Presence
from silence

oh, little tree
swallowed by rock too grand,
sky too violent,
hang on with clenched claws,
fall into this pushing down
and find
when all hope is gone

what you can’t see
is so much more than what you can

13 thoughts on “Battered Little Tree

  1. Hi Colleen, once again ‘you’ve nailed it’ being able to articulate all the rest of us don’t know how to put into words! Lisa Lee


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