Stars & Butterflies

One of the biggest thrills of my life was creating the Shine Like Stars exhibit last year. In a last blaze of glory, the stars will shine one more time on Saturday, Aug 13 in my dear friend's backyard. We are dedicating a tent to display and sell the artwork, with 100% of profits returning…Read more Stars & Butterflies

Choice of the Muse (Studio Update)

FOUR CHAIRS SERIES: After much curiosity as to which painting Danielle would choose, the muse for the series selected Chair #2. PRINTS & ORIGINALS AVAILABLE: Limited edition giclee prints of all four chairs as well as two of the original paintings are now available in my Etsy shop: Fragments of Light. SHINE LIKE STARS: Without a doubt, the Shine Like Stars exhibit…Read more Choice of the Muse (Studio Update)

Shine Like Stars Interview

I don't mean this irreverently, but I really think God is laughing at me. In January 2015, I wrote down a prayer request as I continued my art journey. I asked the Lord to “open doors to speak to more people.” Now, I most definitely did not mean “speak” literally. I've come a long way…Read more Shine Like Stars Interview

Shine Like Stars…. Again!

0 My soul twinkled like a night sky at the first "Shine Like Stars" exhibit here in Colorado Springs, and I harbored a secret prayer that God would open an opportunity for the show to shine in another "sky." My hope is for as many people as possible to meet my beloved friends at Sanctuary of Hope and to learn about…Read more Shine Like Stars…. Again!

The Stars Were Shining

The stars were shining last Friday night! From artwork twinkling all over the walls by the Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) children, to friends pouring in from near and far, to little ones dancing uninhibited in the joyful music of Zimbabwean band Chihera, the night flooded with magic. (click photos to view larger) Many thanks to everyone who…Read more The Stars Were Shining

Shine Like Stars, collaborative gallery of Sanctuary of Hope kids and Colleen Briggs

I am currently working on a project that makes me so happy, I can hardly stand it! It almost feels too good to be true. I eagerly anticipate opening night on Oct 2, 2015, in collaboration with some of my favorite people on earth, the Sanctuary of Hope (SoH) family of Kenya. They will sleep…Read more Shine Like Stars, collaborative gallery of Sanctuary of Hope kids and Colleen Briggs