Just Because You Can’t See It…

Just Because You Can’t See It, Doesn’t Mean It’s Not There; 2021; 12″ x 20″; mixed media: watercolor, acrylic, water-soluble pastel, sidewalk chalk.

Rising in a mighty crescendo of 14,000 feet above sea level, It was completely shrouded in blustery gray for days on end.

“I promise, our own little fourteener is right there!” I said to our guests from Texas, poking my finger at the empty sky.

Most days, Pikes Peak dominates my coming and going, orienting, grounding me. Its many moods never cease to surprise me. Its majesty continually inspires me.

But, for our guests who arrived on the front end of a giant snowstorm, it remained an enigma, not even silhouetted but simply gone, as if erased.

Until the fourth day of their visit, when the mountain shed its gloomy shroud and stepped forth in all its glory, craggy white soaring above our town, outlined in cerulean blue. Our guests were suitably amazed. But all along, just because we couldn’t see it, didn’t mean it wasn’t there.

So it is with God. Now we see dimly (or not at all) is if in a mirror, but one day we will see Him face-to-face. We will know, even as we are fully known.

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