Artist’s Statement & Exhibits

Artist’s Statement, 2015

Art is a language that surges within me in response to a vast, mysterious world.  Through creating, I fight my way through surface impressions; press beyond darkness and affirm that it can never overcome light; and explore emotions and energy beyond where words can reach. I unearth a place of goodness and hope.

For many years, I tried to suppress this language. Working in international relief, I felt it could not urgently or adequately address the evils I witnessed in the world. It felt too slow and clumsy to reverse urgent emergencies such as poverty or abandonment. But it was a language that refused to be silenced; and I now believe, communicates to hearts as nothing else can.

I mix media freely, although watercolor or printmaking techniques often form the base from which I build. Concepts of energy, contrast, and flow guide my process. Experiences around the world contribute to my subject matter, with “spiritual journey” a paramount theme.

Through painting, I see.

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Exhibits (click links to view art)


Kreuser Gallery: “Gratitude,” Colorado Springs, CO (Juried)


Gallerium Exhibitions: “Believe,” online (Juried)

Ed Dixon Gallery: “Joy (This Is Just What I Needed),” online

Kreuser Gallery: “Gratitude,” Colorado Springs, CO (Juried)


Cottonwood Center for the Arts: “Abstract,” Colorado Springs, CO (Juried)


Sunny Vista Art Show 2018, Colorado Springs, CO (Juried)


Gallery at Studio J, Denver, CO (Juried)

CSAG 2016 Regional Show: “Autumn Spirit”, Colorado Springs, CO (Juried)

Cottonwood Center for the Arts: “Text_Message”, Colorado Springs, CO (Juried)

Kreuser/AHA Galleries: “May Flowers Bring Art Showers”, Colorado Springs, CO (Juried )

Shine Like Stars at Castle Oaks Covenant Church, Castle Rock, CO


Colorado Springs Art Guild Spring Show 2015: Impressions (Juried)

Shine Like Stars 2015: Colorado Springs First Friday gallery


Flourish Freedom Sunday “Rise Up” 2014, Colorado Springs, CO (collaborative exhibit for human trafficking awareness event)

Colorado Springs Art Guild Spring Show 2014: Metamorphosis (Juried)

Sunny Vista Art Show 2014, Colorado Springs, CO (Juried)

Colorado Springs Art Guild Regional Autumn Show 2014 (Juried)

Flourish First Friday Art Show 2014, Colorado Springs, CO (collaborative gallery)


Flourish Freedom Sunday “Rise Up” 2013, Colorado Springs, CO (collaborative exhibit for human trafficking awareness event))

Modbo Small Works 2013, Colorado Springs, CO (Juried)


Colorado Springs Art Guild Spring Show 2012 (Juried)

6 thoughts on “Artist’s Statement & Exhibits

  1. Dear Colleen; I am, at once, awed, stunned, amazed, and inspired by your work! As I do battle with my own artistic demons, I see hope and vision in your pieces. Thank you so very much for sharing.


      • Dear Colleen;
        You are certainly most welcome! Keep up the great work! Often times, “regular” people don’t “see” with the same vision as artists do. And if you feel weighted down by course comments, remember that the great masters also had their naysayers as well. Van Gogh said, “Drawing is the root of everything !”

        Liked by 1 person

      • Based on my post today, you will see the frame of mind I had in receiving your encouragement. And one of the reasons it meant so much! Adding in Van Gogh, one of my favorite artists – ah, you’ve definitely offered a cup of cold water to a weary traveler!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I had the pleasure of visiting the VanGogh museum in Amsterdam last year with my sister. Incredible! Monet is also a favorite of mine. Now, I have another! And a new friend too! Im certainly blessed! Our road is a long journey but made easier with like minded people who can and do share artistic vision. Keep your pallette wet and your brushes clean! Happy painting!

        Liked by 1 person

      • I hope you will publish blog posts! I visited your site but didn’t see any posts. I am glad to know you as an artist friend and would love to see your work. I would love to see VanGoghs work in Amsterdam, but I was thrilled when the Denver Art Museum hosted a show of his work a few years ago. I was in awe to see his pencil lines in person!


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