When Your Child Leaves Home

The experts say: when your child is moving away from home, don’t let your him or her see you cry! Smile with your child; cry with other parents. I tried to follow their advice, I really did. I rarely cry; but one recent day, with two of my sons’ departures to out-of-state locations less than…Read more When Your Child Leaves Home

My Beloved Mom (& Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

In 2007, I stood on the banks of the Nile River with my mother. It was a magic life moment that came to symbolize so much of my admiration for her. She is one of the bravest people I know. I wrote about the experience in this post: A Beautiful River in Uganda, excerpt below: “It…Read more My Beloved Mom (& Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

Shine Like Stars Interview

I don’t mean this irreverently, but I really think God is laughing at me. In January 2015, I wrote down a prayer request as I continued my art journey. I asked the Lord to “open doors to speak to more people.” Now, I most definitely did not mean “speak” literally. I’ve come a long way…Read more Shine Like Stars Interview

Of Birds and Parenting

Scampering around in the grass barefoot, my son suddenly squealed and leapt for the concrete patio.  I went to inspect the source of his alarm:  a quivering huddle of feathers. He assumed it was dead like another hapless victim, a naked nestling, we found earlier that evening on a nearby rock. But as I knelt…Read more Of Birds and Parenting

New Things I Declare

I tried, I really tried. Inspired by the beautiful traditional watercolors exhibited at the 2014 Sunny Vista Art Show in Colorado Springs and by some brilliantly-hued tulips, I tried to paint slowly, intentionally and in a sort-of-traditional style. I couldn’t completely control my spontaneous bursts of energy, so I knew I wasn’t going to fully succeed…Read more New Things I Declare