I Am Still Here

spring lo res

Spring; 2016; 8.5″ x 11.5″; mixed media: ink, watercolor, acrylic.

Cruel winter winds
too fiercely blow.
They drive me deep
beyond where I can speak.
Everything silent
except a heart beat,
my own.
I survive.

Until the day
harsh winds
scamper away,
tails between legs,
chased away as
the liars they always were.

All that was frozen,
drop by drop,
slides into a mighty river.
Confused and dazed,
afraid to move,
afraid to believe.
Swept along,
irrevocably free.

when I rise,
broken and powerful,
tongue loosed,
and it’s finally time.
It’s my very own song
I cannot help but sing

when I rise up and say:
I am still here.

I am here.

11 thoughts on “I Am Still Here

  1. I’m SO GLAD you’re still here!!! Does this mean that you’re coming out of a dark season? I know all too well what that’s like, and I’m so glad you’re emerging, FREE! Hugs to you, dear friend.


    • Thank you my friend! I think you know what the long, hard season has been. I wish I could share publicly more details of the amazing ways God has carried us, but feel I need to protect the privacy of the person with whom we’ve walked through it. But I will say, my testimony of God’s faithfulness is as powerful as the depth of anguish I’ve felt. Love to you!


    • Thank you so much Cheryle! I am using a new tool that has revolutionized artwork for me! I’ve struggled to get the fine lines in my head out through acrylic. It’s called a “Fluid Writer Pen” and I can finally create fine, fluid lines! Old artwork pieces had better beware, they are subject to re-working at moment’s notice! This piece was actually an old one, now hidden beneath a re-work. Perhaps appropriate for the subject matter!

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