Can’t Believe I Get to Do This!

The first time I witnessed a batik wax stamp process in Kenya in 2010, it catapulted me back in time and across the world: away from the warmth of equatorial sun into a university printmaking studio artificially warmed against winter cold; far from the fragrance of lush green growing landscape into the heady odor of…Read more Can’t Believe I Get to Do This!

Photoshoots: behind-the-scenes

We have stories to tell, and photos powerfully weave layers of color and texture into a single view. My long-time friend and Pamba Toto business partner, Debbie, and I are newly impassioned to impart insight into our products and the artisans who make them. After visiting Kenya together last June, we are fully cognizant that there is…Read more Photoshoots: behind-the-scenes

New Pamba Toto Blog!

I am very excited to announce a new blog I am writing and to invite you to join me there as well: Welcome to Pamba Toto! Although some of the posts there might be adapted for this blog, the new Pamba Toto blog will include only Pamba Toto-related stories (including our artisans, products and the Sanctuary of Hope…Read more New Pamba Toto Blog!

Huruma Means Mercy, Part 2

We leave the aching hope of the Mother Teresa compound for the teeming chaos of streets beyond. Now joining us – me; my Pamba Toto co-founder, business partner and dear friend, Debbie Lee; and her husband Brian - in the car is John, with a smile to shove back the darkest night. He directs us…Read more Huruma Means Mercy, Part 2

Huruma Means Mercy, Part 1

A few months ago, international news reported the collapse of buildings in an obscure place called Huruma. At least seven people died and 121 people were injured, buried in shoddily constructed dwellings that rose much higher than should ever have been allowed. There was no mercy for these impoverished slum dwellers, victims of corruption. Ironically,…Read more Huruma Means Mercy, Part 1


Fall down the rabbit hole. Slip through the looking glass. Tip toe across the hanging bridge. However it is you arrive, this is most certainly a magical “other” sort of place. With each step, my eyes open wider and my soul expands. Once over the swinging bridge, glass mosaic underfoot, like a hint of what…Read more Kitengela

Invisible Chains

Please consider my good friend Bonnie’s invitation and read her story, written from the front lines of human trafficking…

In Joyful Awe

Hello my fellow travelers.  Tonight I’m writing with a dark invitation.

But first, please forgive my long, long silence.  It has been a season of “overwhelmed” for me, but that is not necessarily a bad state… for a season.  There are lessons to be learned in every state and season, and I pray for the wisdom to be an attentive student.  One of the good aspects of my season of overwhelmed was lots and lots of work at the office. And while that work is, in itself, quite ordinary writing, design work and other such tasks, it is done in support of a little band a brave people who are on the front lines of freeing victims of human trafficking.

Which brings me to that invitation…

We hear a lot these days about sex trafficking.  It is unimaginably horrific, and I rejoice that many of my colleagues in other cities…

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Whatever It Takes

On Saturday, I received an urgent appeal for prayer. A friend with colleagues in Nigeria forwarded a prayer request from Bible translators working in the African country. The insurgent group Boko Haram poised like a python above Michika, a large, mostly Christian market town near the border of Cameroon, ready to strike in their march…Read more Whatever It Takes

Full Circle Hope – A Story about Sanctuary of Hope

I heard about her several years before I met her. In fact her story became the lynchpin upon which Sanctuary of Hope #1 (SoH) swung into existence. Near the end of my sojourn in Kenya in 2005 while adopting our daughter, Mama Karau told me about a very ill member of Mathare Worship Centre (MWC),…Read more Full Circle Hope – A Story about Sanctuary of Hope

Canopy of Hope

Day by day Haiti seeps into the sea. Deprived of any other reliable energy source, her citizens harvest what they can find. Food today or soil tomorrow? When a belly roils with hunger pangs, the tree is felled. Peasants charcoal the wood in shallow covered pits, then bag and sell it. Experts say Haiti is…Read more Canopy of Hope