Elijah’s Ravens

Elijah's Ravens is one of those paintings that flows from a place of deep sorrow and unyielding hope, one of those creative processes expressing inaccessible-by-words movements of the spirit. The closest I can come to verbalization of what this painting means is to borrow words from a powerful little book I've been reading lately, Reversed Thunder, by one…Read more Elijah’s Ravens

Of Birds and Parenting

Scampering around in the grass barefoot, my son suddenly squealed and leapt for the concrete patio.  I went to inspect the source of his alarm:  a quivering huddle of feathers. He assumed it was dead like another hapless victim, a naked nestling, we found earlier that evening on a nearby rock. But as I knelt…Read more Of Birds and Parenting

New Originals and Limited Editions available

I'd love for you to visit my Etsy store: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FragmentsOfLight! I've recently added new originals and fine art giclee limited edition prints. (Note added Feb. 18, 2014 - both originals are sold, but prints are still available!) Sacred Center Holds, 18” x 12” Artist’s statement: If I could, like a weed releasing its tender seeds, stop…Read more New Originals and Limited Editions available

Painting a Place Beyond

I discovered this week that writing about the American/Vietnam War stirred up a torrent of scary emotions. I often “think” in feelings, not words or even images, but currents of emotional energy. After I wrote certain phrases, they tossed around in my head like a bare branch in the wind. Then, as I reflected further,…Read more Painting a Place Beyond

A Scary Night in Kenya

Drilling rain rattles the metal roof overhead. Flashes of light cast shadows over still forms of sleeping children. My two four-year-old boys stretch out in a bunk bed. The child I am in process to adopt, almost-two-year-old Lily, sprawls in a port-a-crib. Somehow, in the peace that only children know, they sleep through the tumult.…Read more A Scary Night in Kenya