Elijah’s Ravens

Elijah's Ravens; 2015; 21

Elijah’s Ravens; 2015; 21″ x 29″; mixed media: acrylic, pastel, watercolor.

Elijah’s Ravens is one of those paintings that flows from a place of deep sorrow and unyielding hope, one of those creative processes expressing inaccessible-by-words movements of the spirit.

The closest I can come to verbalization of what this painting means is to borrow words from a powerful little book I’ve been reading lately, Reversed Thunder, by one of my absolute favorite authors, Eugene Peterson, “There are intricate and deep continuities between earth and heaven, between what we see and what we don’t see. Just as the actions of earth flow into heaven, so the actions of heaven descend to earth… Heaven is not fantasy. We have access to heaven now: it is the invisibility in which we are immersed, and that is developing into visibility, and that one day will be thoroughly visible.” (page 172).

This, I believe – with all my bones and all my soul.

9 thoughts on “Elijah’s Ravens

  1. Elijah was so broken by the time the ravens came to him. Out of a place of powerful ministry he was attacked by the enemy through Jezebel. At the point of giving up, God sends nourishment not only to his physical body but to his spiritual and emotional self! Oh how God knows the prayers we cannot articulate and how he knows exactly what we need in those moments.
    I needed this today. Thank you.
    Peace, Jody


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