When A Life Catches Fire

(c) 2019, art and excerpts from Come After Me, fiction manuscript, by Colleen Briggs. RELIGION... Pine Springs, Colorado, USA March, 2002 Chinook winds howled down the tree-lined streets. Branches overhead tussled and cracked. Halfway down the next block, a limb crashed to the ground. She tugged her hat tighter over her ears. After wandering for…Read more When A Life Catches Fire

See You – Progression of a Piece

  Before dawn, in the crisp cold air of an old house still thinking about firing up the furnace, I creep past sleeping lumps of my children and up the stairs. My friend and I smile greetings, unwilling to disturb with unnecessary words a quiet that feels somehow reverent. Large cups of coffee cradled in…Read more See You – Progression of a Piece