A painting I titled Carried captured a particularly poignant moment in the journey of my soul, a moment that returned full circle last week when a pastor I’ve never met contacted me through my Facebook Art and Writing page. He asked for permission to share the painting with his congregation on Sunday. After I emailed a higher resolution version, we messaged further and discovered a mutual love for Africa.

In 2005, I lived the moment. I put words to what I experienced. I painted what it meant to me. But when Pastor David sent me the link to his sermon, listening to another person tell the story undid me.

To access the sermon, visit Calvin Church April 18th, Pastor A. David Paul, “Fear’s Antidote”. Pastor David’s sermon starts at 31, and his telling of my story starts at 41.50.

As Pastor David spoke, I found myself back in that Kenyan dust, everything lost. Tears welling up, despair swamping my heart. Not realizing that everything had been gained. Because in that moment I discovered a God who carries me. Sixteen years later, I’m not afraid of much. Sure, emotions come and go. But in that moment, God gifted me a bedrock confidence that whatever is gained and lost, He is there. I am His daughter. And He carries me. So beautifully put into words by Pastor David.

In this age of fear and anxiety, I pray the painting and/or Pastor David’s words give you courage.

And for any pastors, church leaders, or mental health providers, there is no greater joy for me than sharing my art in the context of the journey of the soul. I am more than happy to share high resolution versions to use in any way that honors Jesus.

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5 thoughts on ““Fear’s Antidote”

  1. Hi Colleen,
    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing this today, I needed to hear what was said during this season of my life. It’s hard but pick me ups like this confirm that He is indeed carrying me and has been for awhile now. God is good and so patient!
    Love & Hugs,


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