Songs in the Valley

“It doesn’t look as bad as it did yesterday,” my ever-honest 12 year old tried to encourage me. I asked my husband, “Is it really bad?” “I like some of your other pieces better,” he conceded. I gave it one last look, and shredded it. Every piece of artwork, for me, seems to pass through…Read more Songs in the Valley

Weeping With Us

There is a grief deeper than words, a swirling current, sweeping a heart in relentless crashing tide. Grief lurks, shocking companion in the loss of a loved one, slinks from the shadows when we stumble upon a situation that we cannot comprehend, or change. Never sought out, it hunts each of us down sooner or…Read more Weeping With Us

Evenings in Australia

The sun hovered low over the desert, yielding to emerging star cascades. The Southern Cross, exotic- not visible at home, and easy to find, always anchored the night for me in that faraway place. We huddled on a blanket, humbled by the enormity of blazing galaxies unfolding without artificial light interference. Evening air brushed cool…Read more Evenings in Australia