After a season of living art – a miraculous trip to Kenya, the wedding of our oldest son, hosting our Kenyan family, and starting a new/old job with Hope’s Promise (I previously served with HP from 2006-2012), I’m thrilled to be painting again. Feels like my soul is breathing , taking in all the momentous events of the last six months and absorbing them into wonder.

I’m often a bit all over the place with ideas. They bounce around in too many directions. I’m trying to focus more, sticking with fewer and pushing them farther. Two idea streams are emerging: 1) the contrast of being trapped or free (birds), and 2) journeys (boats).

The original idea for my most recent painting, Though the Vision Tarries, beckoned to me several years ago. I took reference photos and filed them away. And at the appointed time, it’s becoming clearer. I have a feeling this theme will be one of those that circulates for many years, each painting layering into a study for the next.

As for the boats, they’ve been a personal motif for me of my dad/parents since my dad took me out on a lake when I was still a kid in the canoe he built. Another theme that spirals around and around, guiding me along the journey. This painting in process now, When A Journey Catches Fire – we’ll see where it takes me:

And, confession – still working on that fiction book. I submitted proposals/queries to two agents without success. However, I entered a contest with judge feedback (super helpful!) and re-worked it completely. I’m getting close to trying again… as terrifying as that prospect may be.

The creative journey continues…


One thought on “Studio Update

  1. Colleen I loved your “studio update”! I wondered about the bird….now I know! Galations 5:1 has been especially meaningful to me lately: “For freedom Christ has set us free. Stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” Becky


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