Spring Surely Comes

spring surely comes lo res

Spring Surely Comes; 2016; 8.75″ x 11.75″; mixed media: watercolor, acrylic, ink.

Winter and spring scuffle for dominance this year in Colorado. Spirea yellow and crab apple pink persevere against steel gray sky. A few days ago, on May 2, snow-bound foothills yielded to patches of white clinging to city shadows. Frozen and formidable, Pikes Peak still anchors winter’s battlefront.

I will never forget the latest snowfall of my lifetime: May 21. After driving through blustery white to Denver International Airport, my husband and I and two of our young sons waited, trapped on a runway because the wings of our plane were too icy to fly. But nothing could hold us down at that point. Perhaps it was our will power that lifted that machine in the air. You see, on the other side of the world, our son waited in a Kenyan orphanage.

justin & jedd 2 lo res

Two of our sons, 2001, soon after our Kenyan-born son’s homecoming.

Just as surely as we would reach Kenya one way or another (even we had to walk and swim!), spring always wrestles winter down in the end.

I’m looking forward to the opening tomorrow night, May 6, of the show “May Flowers Bring Art Showers” at AHA & Kreuser Galleries in Colorado Springs, 218 W Colorado Ave, 5-8 pm. Two of my originals, “Offering” and “Spring” are included in the exhibit. Tomorrow, spring is expected to win the battle in these parts, at least for a day, so live music on the outdoor patio will complement the art.

As surely as nothing could keep us from our baby boy back in May, 2001, spring surely comes.

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