The Power of An Artist – Chihuly


Dale Chihuly blown glass sculpture at Denver Botanic Gardens, 2014.

Dale Chihuly blown glass sculpture at Denver Botanic Gardens, 2014.

Lately I’ve been craving a little magic. Just a little lifting from the tedium of monitoring my children’s homework, some temporary relief from the shock of global violence. Today’s adventure soothed my soul.

Entering the Denver Botanic Gardens, vivid cobalt tendrils strike the sky, like a sentinel gesturing over a new and wild land. This sculpture, hand-blown by internationally acclaimed glass artist Dale Chihuly, extends a dramatic welcome.

As I turn and meander down a bush-lined corridor, I feel like I am stepping into a fairytale; and any sort of creature at all might creep around the next bush.  Amidst the brilliance of late summer blooms, speckled bulbs swell, lacy edges sashay, spiky spears glisten.

The interplay of color, texture, and form transports me as I wander, feeling with each strange shape I pass as if I might be approaching the throne of a mighty magic queen. And peeking past a fountain, it is almost as if she appears. Wisps of orange rise stately and tall, tended by curved and spiky courtiers gathered round.

With every turn of the garden paths, sculptures come into view like glass poems, merging and emerging from their natural environment. Near the Monet ponds, a boat constructed of rustic wood cradles a pile of multi-colored balls, spun like sparkling magic. Spheres scattered in the water echo colors of surrounding lily pads. I feel that if only I could step into that boat, I would discover the portal to my dreams yawning open at last.

And perhaps in Chihuly’s magical vision, my heart actually discovered a secret gate. I carry the inspiration of today into tomorrow; and who knows where the gift will lead?

PS The most wonderful part of the day was sharing it with my beautiful mom.

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