Abide Persistently

Abide Persistently; 2014; 22" x 24"; mixed media: watercolor, acrylic, pastel.

Abide Persistently; 2014; 22″ x 24″; mixed media: watercolor, acrylic, pastel.

Artist’s statement: I feel a bit like a schizophrenic root system. Each day unfolds, a chaotic sprawl, too many off-shoots to identify a specific direction. Knee deep in the soil of life, a tangle of knots and kinks, I have no idea what is emerging above-ground.

Sometimes I just can’t see where I am going. But somehow I have a hunch that if I abide, if I sink my roots down deep and simply grow day-by-day as He directs, there is something up there in the light, sustained through all these wild winds, defiantly growing new and green.


Roots are my current obsession. If you’ve been following this blog through the last few months, you’ve seen lots of roots, tortured tree trunks, and reaching branches.

Ever since leaving formal employment in late 2012, working in a field I still passionately believe in, I’ve wrestled through a season of just enough direction for this moment, day-by-day. I feel in the dark concerning long term goals or vision. At first I thought only the first year would be like this, and I savored it. I needed the time and space for regeneration. Then, I felt sure God would reveal a specific path and I would take off at full speed again. But it’s been a year-and-a-half, and I’m still plodding along. All I know for sure is that I’m supposed to seek God each and every day, love my family as best as I can, and write and create. Sometimes I feel discouraged and wonder, is it adding up to anything? But as I persistently abide, I pray that somehow it is enough.

6 thoughts on “Abide Persistently

  1. Thanks for sharing, roots are very empowering, without them there is no beginning.I have also learn’t that art is a healer and becomes a voice with words you are unable to share or speak.

    Keep up your incredible work.


    • Yes, your comment touches my heart. I often find myself at a loss for spoken words. In art I am free to express a soul language for which I can’t identify those words. My humble hope is that maybe it can also give language to others for what they struggle themselves to express. You have encouraged me!


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