All This Falling

In weakness cling to brittle bones. Blaze, molten orange on leaden sky. Kiss the sun one last time, summer’s fire leaks from your veins. Pulse thin and aching, cast yourself into this fall, all this falling. No loud dispute, no furtive begging, can postpone this fall. Like a shooting star, exploit this drift to set…Read more All This Falling

Lament for Colorado

Today is an anxious day. The largest air rescue since Hurricane Katrina thrashes air currents over Colorado skies. Searches for hundreds of missing people continue, even as gray clouds smother us in fear of what we cannot control. It seems utterly inconceivable that a state surrendering its ashes to scathing hot, cloudless blue only months…Read more Lament for Colorado

Lily’s Adoption – Going Deep

Court Date #1 Our first court date was as ludicrous as a boda boda trying to carry my husband up a hill. David flew from America with our oldest son, 7-year-old Jacob, to join me and our two younger sons, as well as the almost-two-year-old daughter we were in process to adopt; and we flew with our four kids…Read more Lily’s Adoption – Going Deep