With great joy, I am currently sharing a collection of my work in an exhibit at Rico’s Cafe in downtown Colorado Springs. “Heart on Fire” will be displayed through December. Many of the images are also available as fine art prints in my Fragments of Light Etsy shop.


I paint and write about “fragments of light,” glimpses of glory leaking through the cracks of the everyday. Time and again, I’ve witnessed God’s presence and relentless pursuit of each one of us, and especially among the downtrodden and voiceless. This hope permeates my artwork.

I was born with a passion to create, nourished by my parents and the Fine Arts Center of Colorado Springs. I graduated from the University of Denver with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, emphasis in drawing and printmaking, in 1989.

When my husband and I adopted two of our four children from a Kenyan orphanage, we could never forget the kids we left behind. In 2006, we helped pioneer a family style orphan home in Nairobi. I currently serve as Hope’s Promise’s Director of Orphan Care, working to provide families for orphans around the world. Many themes in my artwork originate in my travels and the people I meet around the world.

My lifelong passion lies at the intersection of social justice, faith, and art.

Artist’s Statement

Through painting, I press through surface impressions and explore emotions and energy beyond where words can reach. I unearth a place of goodness and hope.

Despite my passion for art since childhood, for many years I felt art could not urgently or adequately address the evils I witnessed in the world. It felt too slow to reverse emergencies such as poverty or orphanhood. But it was a language that refused to be silenced in me; and I now believe, communicates directly to the heart.

Watercolor or printmaking techniques often form the base of my work on paper, layered over with diverse media such as sidewalk chalk or acrylic inks. Concepts of energycontrast, and flow guide my process. Experiences around the world contribute to my subject matter, with “spiritual journey” a paramount theme.

Through painting, I see.

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